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(NZ grown cucumbers / no genetic modification / we use natural pest controls)

Exception Limited is a New Zealand company, based in Pukekohe. It was established in 2000, specialising in Telegraph and Mini cucumbers
(Snack Cucs is a registered trademark). Our purpose is to supply top quality fresh produce to customers in New Zealand and the Pacific Rim.houseoftaste

We currently operate 30,000 Sq ms of modern and high tech glasshouses which are situated on the rural edge (just 40 minutes south) of Auckland. Our ambition is to produce the highest quality cucumbers in a sustainable way, for a fair and honest market price.

House of Taste Telegraph cucumbers are wrapped in RECYCLABLE plastic.
Please dispose of this sensibly as not to harm sea life; nor the environment.
If we did not wrap cucumbers in plastic they perish within 1-2 days as the skin is porous. This means water and oxygen leaches out and the cucumber becomes limp. For hygiene reasons the cucumbers are wrapped, as from picking to your plate... it is handled at least 9 times (from picker, to sorting and packing in crates, forklift to truck, market or distribution centre, back of shop-then front of retail, to consumers who can handle multiple times in store, packed and unpacked to get home...through to preparation). The cucumber skin can easily tear and get gashed; hence compromising the integrity of the fruit and letting bacteria in.

The consumer is our primary focus and we aim to fulfil the demand for refreshing and tasteful cucumbers.


SeasonalityAvailable from January to December

We are 5 minutes to the Southern motorway and 30 minutes from Auckland Airport (international and domestic).

All cucumbers are picked daily and sent to the markets throughout New Zealand. They are distributed by our marketing partners;arriving on that same day (or overnight to the South Island); then directly to the shelves of your local supermarkets or fresh produce outlets

...so you don’t get much fresher than that!


We are trying to achieve many ecologically, and environmentally friendly techniques in our production, such as IPM (Integrated Pest Management). This is a system where predatory insects are introduced into the glasshouses to reduce problem insects and hence avoids spraying. Thus, we strive continually to ensure that we leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.


Hence, as a company, we endeavor to demonstrate that ecological, economical and social progress can go hand in hand. We promote this vision when building strong relationships with existing and potential markets. We want to be a reliable partner for our marketing partners, customers and importantly; employees. We are the second largest grower of Telegraph cucumbers in New Zealand and are a small to medium enterprise (SME) employing around 25 staff.



  • Increased intake of fruit and vegetables reduces coronary heart disease (CHD)
  • Fruit and vegetable consumption contributes to heart health
  • A high intake of fruit and vegetables reduces coronary heart disease (CHD)1

Ref 1 For further information see Standard 1.2.7 below:
Food Standards Australia New Zealand - Standard 1.2.7 - Nutrition, Health and Related Claims

Health and vegetable bodies that House of Taste are associated with:

House of Taste Telegraph cucumbers and Snack Cucs are now registered with fuelled4life and have been classified by the Food ad Beverage Classification System (FBCS) nutrient criteria as an everyday food. This means that an everyday food is the healthiest choice and we are encouraged to promote this food in canteen menu planning for schools and early childhood education(ECE) services.


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