Food Standards; Quality Statement and Management Commitment

Food standards

Exception Limited / Arie van der Houwen (owner-operator) complies with the following standards and company compliance acts:
Companies Office Certificate of Incorporation Companies Act 1993 on 21st day of December 2000
New Zealand GAP food safety system Horticulture New Zealand Certificate of Accreditation
GROWSAFE certificate of Qualification in accordance of New Zealand Standard, NZS8409 Management of Agrichemicals

MAF Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Biosecurity Act 1993 Instrument of Accreditation 2006
Accredited Person

All our product is printed with a date code so it can be traced back to the day it was picked and from which glasshouse it originated. All inputs can then be traced.

Exception Limited Quality Statement

We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers now and in the future
We provide a safe and healthy produce, grown in a sustainable manner
We are committed to the Vedfed quality assurance approved suppliers programme
We aim to consistently supply products to a customer base who meet the agreed standard.

Management Commitment

The company is committed to:
Meeting the requirements of the customer now and in the future
Providing a degree of excellence at an acceptable price and control the variability at an acceptable cost
Seeking continuous improvement in the quality of performance of all processes, products and services
Lead and support the development and maintenance of the Quality System for the benefit of the staff, company and its customers
Providing safe and healthy produce to our customers
Providing produce grown and harvested in a suitable manner
Providing produce packaged in a safe and hygienic to the agreed standard, unfailingly.