Storage Tips

Grown in New Zealand

No genetic modification

Grown using natural pest controls

House of Taste Telegraph cucumbers and Snack Cucs are wrapped in plastic (or shrink wrapped) to retain moisture, freshness and crispness.
House of Taste Telegraph cucumbers are wrapped in RECYCLABLE plastic.
Please dispose of this sensibly as not to harm sea life; nor the environment.
Plastic stops them from going soft. Unwashed, unsliced cucumbers will keep for about seven to ten days when stored in plastic in the refrigerator or ideally at between 10-13 degrees Celsius. House of Taste cucumbers leave our packhouse firm, dark green and unblemished. This is the condition that you should buy your cucumbers in... not soft, yellowing, nor slimey.

Store vegetables in a cool, dry location. Ideal temperature is 10-13 degrees Celsius

The refrigerator is a good option, as it is hard to control temperatures in the kitchen / home to this constant level. Some people like to place them in the vegetable crisper. Simply place them in the warmest area in your fridge

Please be careful not to over chill. Do not allow them to become too cold i.e. too near the chiller or freezer section, as they will turn icy, soft, yellow, slimy and slushy

Cucumbers should not be left out at room temperature too long (especially if unwrapped) as this will cause them to wilt and become limp

If you store unwashed cucumbers in a sealed plastic bag in the vegetable crisper bin, they will keep for at least a week. House of Taste cucumbers are wrapped in plastic for your convenience

Another option, (anecdotal evidence) is to wrap the cucumber in a double paper towel and then place it in a plastic bag in the refrigerator

Keep cucumbers stored away from ethylene gas producing fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, apples and citrus

Remember to keep a watchful eye for any vegetables or fruit that are rotten and remove them immediately to prevent spreading

Once a cucumber has been cut into and the remainder stored. Always cut off the first slice and discard. This will ensure that no bacteria from the air (on that sliced edge) gets consumed

We recommend to wash any fruit or vegetable before consumption. This is good practice.

Cucumbers are versatile in the kitchen and make a cool, refreshing and easy to prepare treat. They’re also packed with nutrients that benefit your health*...and, however you slice them, they’re delicious!

Remember that our cucumbers are grown using natural pest control and are not genetically modifed!


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House of Taste Telegraph cucumbers and Snack Cucs are now registered with fuelled4life and have been classified by the Food ad Beverage Classification System (FBCS) nutrient criteria as an everyday food. *This means that an everyday food is the healthiest choice and we are encouraged to promote this food in canteen menu planning for schools and early childhood education (ECE) services.


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